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Elder wisdom or behind the times?

Updated: Apr 28

I consider myself a wise elder. A grandma with lots of relevant experiences and considered opinions.

Will young parents listen to what I have to say?

Screens and young children. That’s what is on my mind. Here is an infographic essay to help navigate my thoughts and a conversation on this important, sensitive subject.

From CBC: “Today’s generation will be more photographed and more video-taped than any other in human history. A baby takes her first steps, and then watches the instant replay on her father’s phone. A couple walks down the aisle to get married, and it’s live-tweeted.

How is a digitally-immersive world changing us?” A major new study getting underway in Canada aims to find out: Growing up Digital (GUD)

  • Here are some of my thoughts - presented graphically :).

More later. Thanks for reading.

Miss Pam

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