About Us

On an island, named Jamaica, in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, there lived a little girl. One day, she set off over land and water to find an adventure. When her travels brought her to the edge of the United States, she sat down and thought, maybe this is where I should stay..


Just then a strong breeze came by and blew her further north and she landed in Princeton, New Jersey. Since she loved children and stories, she became a librarian. She has fun bringing together stories and songs, reading and rhyme, all for family literacy FUN..


Meet Our Staff

Miss Pam

Founder and Owner

Miss Pam has over 30 years of experience of reading and rhyming with babies and has gained insight into what makes a baby listen, smile or laugh.


She won the Allie Beth Martin award from Public Library Association and Baker and Taylor, which recognizes a librarian who has demonstrated  “an extraordinary range and depth of knowledge about books and a distinguished ability to share

that knowledge”.


She has read to (way) more than 100,000 children and their parents or caregivers in three countries, in armchairs and schoolrooms, on beaches and buses, in a gazebo and underneath many trees.

Martina Barbour
Her love of books, reading and traveling inspires her to share them with others. 

She attended NYU for Creative Writing and Education and for years she worked in early childhood literacy with the Free Library of Philadelphia's Books Aloud program.



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