Our theaters are warm, welcoming neighborhood spaces dedicated to words + reading, stories + songs, designed to give young children a strong foundation for when they are ready to learn to read. We conduct daily storyplays with books, songs, finger-plays, puppets, movement, live music, sign language and more. We model for parents + caregivers how to read, sing + bond with their babies through books + music.

Our model offers a unique opportunity for early education and community engagement: it strengthens neighborhoods by investing in our youngest and improves the quality of life for families. We target diverse populations including fathers and grandparents, helping them to connect with their babies. 

-We offer classes for All Ages from infants ages 6 weeks through 4 years, although everyone is welcome. All adults must be accompanied by a child!

-Books are Currency! We are also an independent bookstore! Spend $25 on books from our diverse Baby Wordplay Bookshelf as your entry. A Very Good Deal!

Weekend Family Storyplays

$15 for the whole family; or purchase books as your entry - minimum $25

Moms + Dads, Grandads + mamas, Uncles and Aunts -- all welcome! For children of all ages. Learn books, songs, and rhymes to bond with your little one! Meet other families and make friends!

School Visits

Starts at $175

We create storyplays that can tie in with your study units, holidays, seasons and more.

We specialize in enrichment for babies from 6 weeks old. Ask us! 

Come to us or we can come to you.

Baby Wordplay Bookshelf

Baby Wordplay Bookshelf is a collection of 200+ age-appropriate, time-tested, less well-known picture books for sale. The collection is geared to infants up to age 6 years, although we know everyone loves children's books!


Books are currency: spend $25 on books from our diverse Baby Wordplay Bookshelf as your entry. A great way to begin and add unique books to your home library.

Baby Wordplay CDs

$12; $20 for two

THREE CDS available! $12 for one; $20 for two.


-Miss Pam & the Baby Wordplay Singers Collection One.

-Miss Pam & the Baby Wordplay Singers Collection Two. 

-Busy Bodies at Baby Wordplay" 

We can mail! Send us a message

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