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     Mama P. Writes includes 3 types of posts:

*Hand-Me-Downs: I am interested in the things we pass down and around, intentionally and unintentionally in our relationships, what we carry forth wittingly and unwittingly, what values and rituals we treasure and in what ways we never want to be like our mothers or fathers.

*Homeschooling Reflections: These posts will reflect on the 5 years I spent as co-director of a homeschooling family with a child on the autism spectrum. 2020 will be remembered, in part, as the year families were forced into an educational model that I chose voluntarily and from which I learned so much.

*Kitchen Sink: Any topic that’s on my mind about which I have thoughts and opinions and not very many answers: From Black Lives Matter to Bird Watching, Cancer to Colorism, Growing Readers to Grand-parenting, Tips and Tricks for Living, Books, Podcasts, Films I’ve enjoyed, and so much more!I guarantee that you will learn a little bit about a lot of things.


From Miss Pam to Mama P.

-Who is Mama P.?

We all have a story to tell — mine is, if I might say so, pretty interesting. Childhood in Jamaica with a large boisterous family and a larger than life mother, the homeschooling years, raising an autistic child, scary cancer journey, family estrangement, running a small business, and now, becoming a grandmother. I am here for it—writing and sharing all manner of things to inspire, entertain and educate.


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