Storyplay Classics!

Storyplay Classics!


Ten Themed storyplays done in classic Baby Wordplay style!


Books, puppets, and more on themes such as Dogs and Frogs, Things that go and more, all for early literacy skill building...and wordplay fun!


Register now and have access to quality screen time for your littles ages 18 months - 4 years! 


What are the running times for the videos?  Average 20-25 minutes mas o menos! This allows you to choose the best length for your child's attention span. Mix and match for longer view times!


What is a storyplay? Reading, rhyming and alphabet study, Basic Spanish and ASL, Singing, Fingerplays, Puppets - good simple educational fun Mister Rogers would approve of!


How often can we watch? As often as you like during the 30 day period.


Watch for link from our Storyplay Library.

For all ages. 30 day subscription.

  • Allow 48 Hours For First Link