Read Your World! Sankofa Lizards (3-6  yrs.)

Read Your World! Sankofa Lizards (3-6 yrs.)

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Connecting the African Diaspora and EVERY ONE! 

13 Storyplays

*Children meet characters and visit places they may not know, but can learn to understand.

Choose one of the following age groups. 

  • Firefly: 18 months - 3 years 
  • Lizard: 3 - 6 years

13 Storyplays --13 Alphabet Letters.


*This subscription includes Alphabet practice with. Knowledge and practice with the sounds letters make is critical to building the foundation for later reading.


*After completion, sign up for Part Two to receive the rest of the alphabet!

  • Allow 48 Hours For First Link

Illustrations and Design
by Carolina Vargas
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