Read Your World! Sankofa Fireflies (18mos-3yrs)

Read Your World! Sankofa Fireflies (18mos-3yrs)

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Connecting the African Diaspora - and every one!

13 Storyplays.

*Children meet characters and visit places they may not know, but can learn to understand.

Choose one of the following age groups. 

  • Firefly: 18 months - 3 years 
  • Lizard: 3 - 6 years

Two Sankofa sessions - 30 days each -- 13 Storyplays --13 Alphabet Letters.


*This subscription includes Alphabet practice with. Knowledge and practice with the sounds letters make is critical to building the foundation for later reading.


After completion, sign up for Session Two to receive the rest of the alphabet!

  • Allow 48 Hours For First Link

Illustrations and Design
by Carolina Vargas
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