Multi Lingual: Spanish/ASL

Multi Lingual: Spanish/ASL


10 Trilingual Storyplays - English/Spanish with a sprinkling of ASL

For All Ages.

The focus is on introducing and reinforcing basic vocabulary through books, songs, fingerplays, puppets and more. 


What are the running times for the videos?  10-22 minutes mas o menos! This allows you to choose the best length for your child's attention span. Mix and match for longer view times.


What is a storyplay? Reading, rhyming and alphabet study, Basic Spanish and ASL, Singing, Fingerplays, Puppets - good simple educational fun Mister Rogers would approve of! We value diversity and inclusion.


How often can we watch? As often as you like during the access period.


Watch for link from our Storyplay Library within 24 hours.