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Why do we cry?

I wake up sad, and, sometimes tears come.

I wake up sad, and, sometimes tears come.

+ in the beginning, I would try to shake it off.

So much to be happy for, grateful, privileged.

+ push the feeling away, time to start the day.

Wisdom’s face is at the door.

A tear rolls while a smile grows

in perfect timing.

Carefully, arms stretch wide to greet me and round and round we go.

+ smile meets tear, tear meets smile

and settles there,

a salty bead of love and pain.

A corner made to hold my tears.

. . . by + Miss Pam

———— ————- —————- —————- - - - - - - —

Everything around seems heavy. That’s because everything is heavy.

I’m allowing despair to have it’s fair share of my time and energy and I’m actively seeking positive, genuine light forces wherever I can find it!

I find so much joy in my early literacy work. Joy to the world of children and their parents, families, teachers who love them. It is a privilege and a gift to be a part of this world.

I recorded Why Do We Cry? during summer of 2020 when the world was also upside down and inside out, and very, very heavy.

I’m around babies every week. By the way, I call them babies till they are way out of toddlerhood and then some! I get regular reports and updates from across the pond concerning my grandsons’ - comments, challenges, surprises. I read professional stuff on early childhood. I’m working on my podcast for babies most days. Sooo little ones are in my mind a lot!

The well known Miss Rachel ( 6+ million social media followers and a sensation with young children) was seen crying on YouTube last week. What made her cry?

She decided to host a fundraiser for children around the world affected by war (Save the Children Fund) and was met with harsh online attacks. What about the children held hostage? Don’t you care about all children?

This is what brought her to tears. “The bullying is so bad. It’s so bad. But I can handle this.”

This added to my heavy. And made me think of one of my heroes: Mister Rogers. What would Mister Rogers say, do and feel today?

Feel your feelings. Cry your tears. Dry your tears, and know that tomorrow will bring a new day..

Some things that help me when I’m feeling down:

  • Take a walk. Get outdoors near trees and tranquility. Do nothing. Let my mind wander.

  • Put on some upbeat tunes, for 20 minutes, sing and dance with myself and whoever will join me.

  • Decide on how long I will cry for, set a timer and have a good cry.

  • Stay away from screens.

  • Call or visit a friend who I know to be insightful and sensitive.

  • Here are a few radio programs with (generally) half-hour episodes on BBC radio that often lift my spirits or give me something to think about. I like that they’re short and when I tune in, I am usually glad that I did.

In case you’re curious:

Life Changing,

Word of Mouth,

Desert Island Discs,

A Point of View,

Open Country,

Open Book,

Just One Thing,

Sliced Bread,

On Your Farm

———— ————- —————- —————- - - - - - - —

Books from video:

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