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A baby has a favorite podcaster?? Yup!

Updated: Jul 5

I created Baby Wordplay podcast as a handy, screen free tool for parents and caregivers to use with babies and toddlers to help them build a strong foundation in language. It is designed to create a positive connection between you and your little one, around words, stories, rhymes and music.

If you invest just 15 minutes each day to using the podcast, you will reap the benefits as your child will grow to love words and songs, rhymes and activities. It is intentional, screen-free, early literacy skill building at its best!

Here's how I suggest you use it:

Once your little one is familiar with the podcast, you will be able to put it on and get a few minutes of screen-free freedom... to maybe to go to the bathroom or prepare a meal! :) As a grandma of two toddlers, I have used it myself, many times!

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