Welcome to our exciting new website where we continue the important service of helping children develop a love of words, stories, books and music. Our curriculum supports and enriches young children’s early literacy education through our classic storyplays and our unique Book Shop collection.


Want to meet some great characters? When last have you quacked like Duck or gobbled like Turkey or snickered gleefully as Itsy Bitsy Spider gets washed down the spout again and again? 


We will have you and your little one playing with sounds, catching and tossing words, reading, rhyming and singing all day long!

Make the most of your child’s screen time with our thoughtful, engaging and enriching content. 

Storyplays bring language alive and make learning fun!

Accessible and affordable for home, school and anywhere young children are!


Our Village offers a curated video collection in all the categories and themes that matter to families with young children.


We value diversity and inclusion and firmly believe that reading (and singing and talking) to our children will change their lives and ours forever. 

Select as many subscriptions as you’d like - the more you borrow, the more you save and the more your little one will learn. 


Our books are selected by our team: a children's librarian and a passionate book lover, who together have more than

50 years of experience sharing books with children and their families.

Beautiful books about the world and our place in it! Books that make you cry and books to tickle your funny bone; books with things that go, or pop or make you want to sing, books to help your little one grow up great on the inside and outside!


We could not be more pleased at the enthusiastic response to our new and growing Virtual Village!

Illustrations and Design
by Carolina Vargas
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