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From Miss Pam,
Children's Librarian


This engaging tool is created specifically for babies (from in utero!) by librarian and early literacy expert, Pamela Groves, aka Miss Pam. 





It's the best 15 minutes you and your child will spend in the day!


  • As your baby learns the songs and gestures, they’ll start smiling and mimicking you, anticipating your next move.

  • Each week your baby will hear hundreds of new words and sing many new songs. 

  • Enjoy a happy screen-free routine designed to get you singing, talking, reading and gesturing with your little one every day.

  • Know that you are a building strong foundation necessary for language development and later, learning how to read.







HOW TO SUBSCRIBE? In just 3 clicks! Note that there are 2 ways: on Spotify if that's where you listen, on Supercast if you listen anywhere else. 

Listen + Subscribe

1: If you listen on  Spotify 
Easy to subscribe there - just click on the padlock .
Make sure you are following the podcast and that you use the same email.

*Note Spotify is not available in all regions. If your subscription doesn't go through, please try subscribing to the premium access below.
2: Premium Access 

*Premium gives you access to the full library of 130+ episodes, all ad-free, plus occasional bonus episodes, recommended book lists, lyric sheets to go along with songs and rhymes plus, discount on digital Peanut Butter recorded treats.

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